SleepPhones Upgrades


Upgrade your existing SleepPhones:

For users of wired SleepPhones, upgrade to wireless



Package Contents: 

  • Latest ASL06 Bluetooth module and Speakers

For users of SleepPhones wireless, upgrade to TellyPhones


The Bluetooth transmitter (included) simply connects to your TV, laptop, SmartPhone, MP3 Player or tablet using a standard 3.5mm audio port.  This is then powered via a USB cable or standard UK plug socket using the included USB to 3 pin adapter.   A single button on the SleepPhones controls all functions, making it simple to operate even in a darkened bedroom.

 Package Contents

  • 3.5mm Cable • Mini-USB to Standard USB Cable
  • RCA-Y Cable
  • Bluetooth® Transmitter
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • USB Wall Plug


12 months warranty on all Upgrade Parts